What is BiTaksiPOS?

BiTaksiPOS is a BiTaksi payment service that provides secure and fast payment with contactless card without the need for cash for taxi journeys.

How does it work?

At the end of the trip, you can bring your card closer to the POS-enabled BiTaksi Application on the driver's phone and make your payment easily and securely.

  1. You can pay for the trip with your contactless credit or debit card, with BiTaksiPOS.
  2. Simply scan your contactless card with the BiTaksi application on the taxi driver's mobile device.
  3. Your payment will be made securely by the BiTaksi and Mastercard infrastructure.

The transaction fees to be collected in addition to the taximeter amount are as follows:

Taximeter Amount (₺)Transaction Fee (₺)
0 - 605,90
61 - 808,90
81 - 1009,90
101 - 15011,90
151 - 20013,90

You can safely make your payment with all your Mastercard, Vis and Troy log card thanks to BiTaksi and Mastercard infrastructure. We do not store card information in our systems in any way.


You can pay with a ver low service fee, which varies according to taximeter fee.


You can easily make your payment by holding your card closer to th POS-enabled BiTaksi Application on the driver's phone.

Frequently Asked Questions