We are the address for digital journeys in Turkey since 2013. We still blaze the trail as Turkey’s first taxi-hailing app with our ongoing work in the industry.

Bringing developing technologies and our users’ needs together, we come up with modern solutions and keep improving ourselves and our app.

As BiTaksi, we offer our users the convenience of hailing a taxi with just one tap and track the taxi’s arrival as well as the driver’s name, score, and license plate number. Our users can share information about their trip such as the driver’s name, the taxi’s license plate number, and their live location with any person they wish. They can also pay in cash or with a card, rate the driver, and add their comments after their trip ends.

Moreover, our users can travel with their furry friends thanks to our Pet Taxi service in each one of the 17 cities we operate.

Another one of our services in the app, GetirDrive, helps our users to use car for days, hours, or even mere minutes. GetirBiTaksi, gone live in October 2021, provides service from the Getir app.

The diverse methods of transportation that we offer ensures that our users have easier, safer, and more comfortable journeys.

We wish you a safe trip!