What is BiTaksi?
BiTaksi enables you to request a taxi from your smartphone.

What are the features in BiTaksi that other taxis do not have?
You can see the available taxis around you.
You can follow your taxi on the map and see the driver and taxi information.
You can see the estimated fare calculation and trip without need directions by entering destination address.
You can share your travel information with your loved ones.
You can pay for your trip with your card.
You can rate your experience and write a comment.
You can view the details of your past trips.
With Pati Taksi, you can travel with your pet as you wish.
You can reach our customer services 24/7.

What is the Service Fee?
20 TL service fee is applied to all BiTaksi rides in Istanbul. We add this fee to the fare for both cash and card rides to improve your travel experience, make it easier for you to find a taxi and improve our platform. For rides with a card, it is automatically added to the taximeter fee and collected through the application. For cash rides, your driver requests a service fee in addition to the taximeter fee and collects it on behalf of BiTaksi.

Is BiTaksi safe?
Absolutely. BiTaksi is the safest way to travel within the city. Only licensed taxi drivers are registered. Drivers identification information is processed by BiTaksi.

I forgot something in a taxi, can I get it back?
All of your trips with BiTaksi are kept on record, so when you forget something you can get in contact with the taxi driver. Our customer support is constantly in contact with registered taxi drivers. You may call customer support around the clock, 24/7. You no longer have to worry about forgetting your valuables in taxis.

How can I sign up with BiTaksi?
Download the app and enter your mobile phone number. Once you have provided the necessary information, you may start using the app.

What should I do if I don’t want to receive SMS or email from BiTaksi?
BiTaksi sends you email and/or SMS to inform you of promos and provide a better experience. If you don’t want to receive SMS or email from BiTaksi, you can opt out by sending an email to bildirimiptal@bitaksi.com

On which platforms can I use the app?
BiTaksi may be downloaded on iOS and Android smartphones. Its compatible with all iPhones as of, and including, the 3GS series and all iPads. BiTaksi can be used on all smartphones and tablets that are Android 2.2 and above.

How do I request a taxi?
All you have to do is designate your pickup location, press the request a taxi button and select your payment method. The app finds the taxi that will arrive in the shortest time and directs it to you.

How can I pay with credit card?
You need to enter your credit card information into the app once. When your trip has ended, the taxi driver will enter the meter fare into his driver app. You just need to press the confirm button and your payment will be processed. It’s that simple. No need to swiple your card on a POS machine.

Which cards does BiTaksi accept?
BiTaksi accepts all domestic and foreign credit cards that are MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. Currently you cannot pay with debit cards nor prepaid cards.

Can I pay my taxi fare in installments?
Currently you cannot pay your taxi fare in installments.

Can I enter more than one credit card?
You can add up to 3 credit cards.

My card was declined, what should I do?
Don’t worry. You can add a new credit card or pay by cash.
Is my private information safe?
Yes. Your personal information is kept in a secure server and we take many procedural precautions to keep your information safe.

In which cities can I use BiTaksi?
For now, we provide service in 24 cities, namely İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Kocaeli, Bursa, Antalya, Muğla, Adana, Mersin, Samsun, Kayseri, Urfa, Tekirdağ, Edirne, Kırklareli, Çanakkale, Balıkesir, Yalova, Uşak, Sakarya, Gaziantep, Konya, Düzce, Bolu. We are working so that you can use it in other cities.

When I try to sign up it says that my phone number is already in use. What should I do?
You may click the I forgot my password link to obtain a new password and then you may use the system.

The app cannot locate me, what do I do?
Dont worry. You can handpick your location on the map by moving the pin.
What should I do when I have a problem with the app?
You may call our customer support center around the clock, all year long. You can contact customer support from the About Us page.

How can I reach the Terms of Use?
Click here.

How can I reach the Privacy Policy?
Click here.